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Travelling to a new locations and visiting new places is always a great fun and amazing experience for everyone. However, if you are willing to explore some local places of your destination in a native manner, then you should take the help of some local person that grew up in that particular area only.

Indeed, you can use a number of map application and online tools that can tell you a lot of thing about any destination and these tools can guide you for the direction as well. But in any case these tool or application won’t be able to take you to the hidden and undocumented places of any city or place and if you want to explore those places, then only a local resident can help you in it.

Here, I am not suggesting you to hire a local guide that read about the places and taking you with him for site exploration. Instead of that I am suggesting you to hire a person who lived all his life in that locality and knows all the places that are not documented. This type of person may not be as sophisticated as a professional guide but this is an assurance that he will be able to take you to those places that you never heard in your research.

Another benefit of hiring a local person as you travel guide is that you will be able to test the native food as well. A tour guide will suggest you to eat only those things that you may like according to your guide, but a local citizen might invite you at his home and you can enjoy the meal in a native manner. That means this type of guide will not only help you to explore the places in a more personalized manner, but it will also help you to enjoy other things of that place.

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