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Phone Love

One can not deny that the cell phone is one of popular garget and is sought every time around the world. Be it a matured going or a school going kid, both like the most expensive phones. However when it comes to benefits of a cell phone, they are so many other than the prestige one.

Cell phones are not just a fashion accessory, it is gadget which makes one to be connected anywhere at anytime. It is basically the benefit of one having it. It makes to be connected always with our loved one in any part of world at

anytime. Gone are days when many people used to queue to make ISD calls or STD calls. You can talk to anybody staying seven seas far with a phone.

Cell phones have improved business activities. Depending one some factors which affect saving, one can save his or her money with a phone. Many cell phone service providers offer services such as unlimited weekend and night minutes, long distance calling, and in-network calling. taking an example of your best friend who uses the same service provider, your calls are free moreover, most weekend and night plans offer free calling to any phone number.

Cell phones help in solving legal matters. Many criminals nowadays days are being held because of their cell phones. The police track the criminal via tracking the place in which the call is made from by use of GPS. In addition, checking a cell phone’s call records, the police can have important information to the defense forces about the criminal.

Cell phones have been found to be of great importance in times of disasters and natural calamities emergency situations like times of earthquakes and landslides. This makes possible appropriate action to be taken immediately.


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