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Pros And Cons

Mobile phones have become very popular today and with them communication has become easy and fast. So many pros are associated with the mobile phone era and some of these pros include; 24/7 communication, they are light and portable; communication is almost instant to name but a few. Mobile phones are not without cons though, some of these cons include, lack of communication if the battery dies due to low charge, lack of communication due to low network etc This article is aimed at highlighting some of the pros and cons of mobile phones in great detail.


Pros of mobile phones


First on th list for mobile phone pros is that they are part and parcel of our lives and they are not hard to use. Modern mobile phones come with manuals that explain how to use them but even without the manual they are simplified to operate like computers so you only need to follow instructions given when you press certain buttons and you are good to go.


Mobile phones are very light and hence portable. That means that you are able to carry them everywhere you go and with a lot of ease. You are therefore able to communicate with your business colleagues at all times and at the same time communication with your loved ones is around the clock.


Mobile phones allow 24/7 communication hence emergencies are taken care of as soon as they arise. This is one of the mobile phone features that falls on pros and cons of the mobile phone as you will notice it discussed on the negative side.


Messaging is a feature among that makes it possible to send messages especially when we are not able to receive calls probably because we are in meetings or simply do not wish to be disturbed.


Mobile phones also allow for emails to be sent and with modern sophisticated phones attachments can be sent along with the mails. this is another of the pros and cons because very large attachments cannot be sent via the phone.


Cons of the mobile phone


The 24/7 availability is more theoretical than real because no one works twenty four hours seven days a week. Besides if this were true, it would only mean that you are not allowed any time to relax.


Related to the above con is the fact that you can never get away with “am not in the office” even when you want to attend to personal matters because you are constantly contactable.


Still on the cons of mobile phones, they are not only tiny, but also easily stolen and when that happens, you could find yourself without important contacts if you had not kept a back up some other place.


Mobile phones have their pros and cons but you shall agree that life has become a lot easier with the invention of the mobile phone.

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