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Cheap London escorts explained me that many men prefer brunette as their dating partner

If you would ask me my dating preference, then I would say I prefer dating a brunette instead of blonde girl. I have my own set of reasons for this preference, but I never knew that many other Cheap London escorts brunette datingguys also prefer to have a brunette as their partner for date. I got this information when I was enjoying a paid dating in London using cheap escorts service. At that time also I selected a brunette female as my dating partner from cheap London escorts service because of my preference.

While dating the brunette girl from cheap London escorts I shared my opinion with her and she also agreed with it. The cheap London escorts girl told me that this is a common opinion that men prefer blondes as their partner for date, but this is not completely true. My partner who joined me on behalf of cheap London escorts said that many guys ask for brunette woman as their dating partner even when they pay for the service. This one thing explains that many guys choose brunette woman as their dating partner for all kind of fun compared to sexy blondes or other girls.

When I heard this from my female partner, then I asked if she knows some reason for this preference. In response to my question my cheap London escorts partner said that reasons of this preference can be different according t people. But if we talk about the most common reasons, then good looks, intelligence, trustworthy, understanding and caring nature can make the top list. Cheap London escorts also said that all of these reasons may not be based on the fact, but many guys prefer to choose brunette women as their dating partner because of these opinions.

After hearing those things form cheap London escorts I tried to evaluate my own feelings and I found that I also choose a brunette as my dating partner because of those reasons only. I also feel they are more intelligent, and good looking compared to blonde girls. Also, cheap London escorts said about the nature and I have to admit that I have same opinion for that part as well. I also think that a brunette women will be trustworthy, loving and care compared to other girls and that’s why I always give more preference to them while choosing a partner for my date.

Other than this, my and cheap London escorts girl had so many other talk about the same subject and now I know that I am not the only guy who prefer brunette as dating partner. In addition to this I got so many other information for the same and I am really thankful for this. I am thanking this London escorts company because I got cheap escorts from them only and their beautiful girls shared all these useful information to me. Also, I can say that if you are in same assumption, then you should change your opinion because many guys prefer brunette as their dating partner.

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